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Time for an Apple iOS update, are you ready? iOS 7 is now in beta so you can test away all the new features, functions and be the first to see the controversial new design! You can get this for your iPhone from the official developer iOS 7 download, whether you are using a Mac or a Windows PC. The iOS 7 install file comes in a DMG file (Mac specific) and you will need DMG Extractor to get the required .ipsw file on your Windows PC.

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Download the iOS 7 DMG files from Apple Developers Centre

Developers can download the iOS 7 DMG install files from the Apple Developers Centre (membership required). There is a different install for each compatible device, so make sure your download matches the correct install for your device.

The iOS 7 beta compatible devices are:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod touch 5th generation
  • Support for iPad 2, iPad with retina display (third and fourth generations) and iPad Mini is coming later in the summer

How to extract the IPSW file for Windows install from iOS 7 beta DMG

The IPSW file needed for upgrading your device to the iOS 7 beta in iTunes, can be extracted on Windows with DMG Extractor in just a couple of easy steps. We have a great blog on how to extract ipsw files for Windows, or you can take a look at the video below:

Upgrade your Apple device to iOS 7 beta

To upgrade your Apple device to the iOS 7 beta, all you need to do is restore the IPSW file to your device with iTunes (make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. It just takes a couple of steps to get iOS7, even if you are using a Windows PC:

  1. Make a backup of your phone and be sure to keep it safe. You can check the content of your backup for free using the iPhone Backup Extractor
  2. Login with your developer account to download the DMG files (unless you have a non-UDID download)
  3. Extract the files with DMG Extractor
  4. Make a note of the specific IPSW file you will need to upgrade
  5. Open iTunes, hold "CTRL" and click choose "Check for Update" and select the iOS 7 IPSW file you extracted from the DMG

Back up before you update to iOS 7 beta

Before updating to iOS we advise that you make an iTunes backup and store a copy of it on your computer, away from the default iTunes folder, for safekeeping − you never know when data corruption occurs. iPhone Backup Extractor also works on iOS 7 iTunes backups, ready to extract your data if needed! Also, beware beta versions of software generally mean there might be bugs, can be unstable or be incompatible with your iOS 6 data. You can always downgrade if needed to iOS 6 or the latest stable iOS version with a good saved backup.

How to extract .IPSW from iOS 6 Beta DMG file with DMG Extractor

If you are a Windows user and you would like to update to the iOS 6.0 Beta 1 and you don't know how to extract the IPSW inside the DMG file, here is a short guide on extracting the much needed .IPSW restore file with DMG Extractor.

Download the iOS 6 Beta DMG file on your Windows PC

iOS 6 Beta DMG file

Open DMG Extractor free software and select the iOS 6 Beta DMG file you want to extract

Click "Open" on the top-left Menu icon.

Open iOS 6 Beta DMG file

Extract the IPSW Restore file inside the DMG file of iOS 6 Beta

You just want the IPSW Restore file so on the Extract button menu click "Selected files to…".

Extract IPSW file

When extracting a progress bar will show until the extraction process is completed.

Extracting IPSW file

Your IPSW Restore file should be successfully extracted and ready for the update to iOS 6 Beta 1. How to update in iTunes it should be easy and intuitive, however, you must pay attention at the risks of loading a beta iOS and to create a backup before updating.

iOS 6 Beta IPSW file

Check out a handy video with the above instructions: