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Extract the ipsw file from the dmg file with DMG Extractor on Windows

As you all know, the GM Seed is in DMG format (Mac OS disk image) and iTunes needs an .IPSW file to restore from. So, Windows users will need a DMG Extractor to extract the ipsw from the dmg file.

To extract ipsw from dmg on Windows, check our blog on "Extract IPSW file from iOS 7 beta DMG file on a Windows PC". We provide as well a howto two minutes video!

Download DMG Extractor!

Extract ipsw and Decrypt the iOS root files with a VFD key

Want an inside look at the iOS 7 GM? VFDecryption keys for the iOS 7 GM have been posted by the iPhone wiki website. Note that the decryption keys are available only for the iPhone 4 so far.

VFDecrypt iOS 7 Key

iPhone 4 Decryption Key for iOS 7 GM Seed root files

iPhone 4 GSM

iPhone 4 GSM VFDecrypt Key

iPhone 4 GSM (A)

iPhone 4 GSM (A) VFDecrypt Key

iPhone 4 CDMA

iPhone 4 CDMA VFDecrypt Key

For the rest of the Apple mobile devices the VFD keys haven't been posted yet. For updates please visit the iPhone wiki website.

How are you enjoying the iOS 7 GM so far?