Alexandra áßðß
Posted by Alexandra áßðß,

No more converting to ISO or IMG files, the DMG Extractor Software makes it a lot easier!

Are you sick and tired of working so hard to convert a DMG file into a readable format for your Windows PC? No more, meet the DMG Extractor! The DMG Extractor is a very simple to use application that allows you to extract any content contained in a .dmg file with just one click. It can even view files before you extract them.


So, if you have received a .dmg file and don’t know how to open it to save time and nerves download the free DMG Extractor, run it and try opening the DMG file you received. Its very fast extraction process will just leave you speechless. And for sure you’ll enjoy that it shows the total size for directories.

Have you tried our software yet? Have you experienced any interesting story while trying to open a .dmg file? Share your experience with us by posting a comment on this blog.