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Posted by Alexandra áßðß,

It seems our DMG Extractor software is receiving good feedback from our users, especially with the recent iOS 6 Beta update from Apple and our guide on how to extract the .IPSW restore file needed for the update of your iDevice. But, after using our DMG Extractor software, some of our users have given us feedback that they would like to open DMG files larger than 4GB. We would like to know if you think the same? Would you fancy a DMG Extractor with a higher extraction limit or is the 4GB enough for your needs?

How to Open a .DMG file on a Windows PC

We have already posted a guide on how to extract a DMG file, but here is a tutorial made by one of our users on how to extract data from a DMG file on a Windows PC. Once again, we would like to thank to all our users for taking their time to feedback us, this is certainly a great reward for us.

What have you used our DMG Extractor for? What features could we improve or add? Let us know by commenting below.