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How to listen to dmg music files on your PC?

You've recently made the transition from Mac to Windows and have a big part of your music into dmg files. Or, one of your friends just sent you a good music pack but, hey, wait a sec, this is in dmg format! What should you do with the dmg music pack on your Windows PC?

The DMG Extractor software opens any DMG file up to 4GB and extracts it into Windows readable formats so that you can access the files on your Windows PC. With a very intuitive interface and extremely easy to use and fast extraction process, the DMG Extractor becomes a grand piece of software to use when reading dmg files on your PC.

Here is how a dmg music pack will be read by the DMG Extractor. To extract the files from the dmg pack you just have to click on “Extract” button from the top menu.

How to play video files from a DMG on a Windows PC?

Maybe you have several DVD's backed up as a dmg file or you downloaded a copy of a DVD and it's saved as a dmg file, but you only have a Windows PC at hand and a limited time available. Both cases, you just have to download the DMG Extractor, run the software and open the dmg file and extract the movie you need. The rest should be simple, just play the video like you normally would but now on a Windows operating system.

How to open a dmg book file?

You would like to download an audio book, or simply a favourite e-book but but it's packed in a .dmg and you don't know how to open that on your Windows PC? Alternatively, you've been emailed a book in a .dmg file format and you use a Windows OS?

Things simplify when you use the DMG Extractor that will open and extract the dmg content into a compatible Windows file format, such as PDF, word, txt, html and the entire multitude of Windows file formats that you are most probably aware of. The software will work on any Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer, in 32 or 64-bit mode.

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