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How to extract dmg file? The answer just got bigger with our 4GB+ support

It's here, finally, what you have been waiting for! The DMG Extractor can now open .dmg files larger than 4GB in size, and will also handle encrypted files, if you know the password! We have also made changes to our interface and improved extraction process and speed.
Download our new version of the DMG extractor to open large or encrypted DMG files!

open 4gb dmg file

The quest to open DMG files larger than 4GB on Windows with the DMG Extractor

Our DMG Extractor can be used for opening DMG files (Apple's proprietary format for Macintosh) on a Windows computer. You can read DMG music, movies and book files on your Windows PC, and even update your iPhone/iPad to a latest version iOS by extracting an .ipsw file from the .dmg download.

Many of our users have written to us asking for an increase in the size limit of extracted DMG files. This is why we have made it possible for our DMG Extractor to open files larger than 4GB. We know for users trying to open the Mountain Lion or Mavericks OSX on their Windows computer, this will be extremely useful!

So if you are trying to open a DMG file on Windows, larger than 4GB, it's this easy:

  • Download the DMG Extractor free
  • Register your DMG Extractor with us and activate your app full features
  • Load your DMG File, input your password if the file is encrypted
  • Click "Extract" and select the output folder

DMG extractor encrypted file

The FREE version of the DMG Extractor will:

  • Preview DMG files, above 4GB in size and encrypted
  • Extract 5(five) files at a time from your DMG
  • Will extract only from un-encrypted DMG files smaller than 4GB

Unlock all features of the DMG Extractor for just $9.95!

Even if the file has been encrypted, our app will know what to do! As long as you know the password to your .dmg file, you can open it to use on your Windows computer with the DMG Extractor. Just:

  • Open the DMG Extractor and load the file
  • Input your file password or Decrypt key
  • Extract data from your DMG file to the selected output folder

Other great improvements in version of the DMG Extractor:

We have made other significant improvements since our last version of the DMG Extractor, so download our software to see:

  • iOS root files system (with decrypt key)
  • Improved software interface
  • Enabled 64-bit processor support
  • View file while extracting
  • Extraction process can be "stopped" on user action
  • Improved functionality on erroring DMG files

So don't waste another moment, your DMG files are ready to extract and open on Windows!