Livia Stroie
Posted by Livia Stroie,

The DMG Extractor has been upgraded with some great new features, let's take a look a what version now offers!

dmg extractor new version

DMG Extractor support for Windows with Net 2.0 framework

Our software already works flawlessly on all versions of Windows, but in the past needed a minimum requirement of .NET 3.5 installed. So to make things easier for those still using Windows XP we have made the software backward compatable with the .NET 2.0 framework, which is more likely to be patched on Windows XP. We have also added more appealing app icon design, here is our short-list of all the changes:

  • You can view .PNG and .JPG files inside your .DMG file
  • DMG Extractor is backwards compatible to .NET 2.0 framework
  • New installer, installs in a default Reincubate folder on your computer
  • New icon design, in-line with Reincubate style

dmg extractor icon

Update your device to iOS 7 using the DMG Extractor on your Windows PC!

Apple's proprietary DMG extension is specific for the Macintosh computers, with our DMG Extractor software you can extract the .ipsw file needed for updating to iOS 7 and use on your Windows PC or laptop in just a few clicks! So why not give it a try and update your Apple devices to the recently launched iOS 7 beta! All you need to do is follow our upgrade to iOS 7 guide.

Open your iTunes backup with iPhone Backup Extractor

Before carrying out any iOS update always create a good iTunes backup. If you are ever in trouble after a failed iOS upgrade or just need to extract or check data from an iPad/iPhone backup, you can count on us to help! The iPhone Backup Extractor will open any iTunes backup, whether encrypted with a password or not, and convert your data to easy-to-use CSV, Vcard or HTML format. We also have experienced experts on hand if the worst happens and your iTunes backup gets corrupted or unusable.

Try out the iPhone Backup Extractor for free now (limited extraction features on the free version)!

What do you think of our DMG Extractor new version? Leave us a comment to tell us about it!