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DMG Extractor v1.3.2 now opens and extracts Mac OS X dmg files formatted as MS-DOS (FAT) or exFAT

DMG disk images are usually formatted as FAT or exFAT format if they are to be used with a shared media like USB sticks/drives, SD cards or DVDs. Adding this feature to the DMG Extractor is great news for people sharing these types of DMG files between friends on OS X and Window computers.

Mac OS X Disk Utility creating a FAT format DMG file

Are you having issues opening FAT DMG Mac images on your Windows PC? Update to DMG Extractor v 1.3.2!

We are lucky enough to receive great feedback from our DMG Extractor users and, many have been asking for support when opening FAT formatted DMG files in Windows. We are really pleased to have added this feature, we hope you find it useful as well. If there are any other features you would like to see added to our DMG Extractor software, we are always happy to hear so please let us know in comments below.

Remember the DMG Extractor still continues to provide powerful support for other DMG inner formats [HFS, HFS+ and UDF] with block types such as Raw, Zlib, Bzip2 and Zero. Also DMG files that are encrypted (password-protected) or over 4GB in size can be easily opened with the DMG Extractor Home Edition.