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If you are an Windows user and you would like to update to the iOS 6.0 Beta 1 and you don’t know how to extract the .IPSW inside the DMG file, here is a short guide on extracting the much needed .IPSW restore file with our free DMG Extractor software.

Download the iOS 6 Beta DMG file on your Windows PC

iOS 6 Beta DMG file

Open DMG Extractor free software and select the iOS 6 Beta DMG file you want to extract

Click “Open” on the top-left Menu icon.

Open iOS 6 Beta DMG file

Extract the IPSW Restore file inside the DMG file of iOS 6 Beta

You just want the IPSW Restore file so on the Extract button menu click “Selected files to…”.

Extract IPSW file

When extracting a progress bar will show until the extraction process is completed.

Extracting IPSW file

Your IPSW Restore file should be successfully extracted and ready for update to iOS 6 Beta 1. How to update in iTunes it should be easy and intuitive, however you must pay attention at the risks of loading a beta iOS and to create a backup before updating.

iOS 6 Beta IPSW file

In case that this guide still wasn’t clear enough, however the process is not a very complicated one, check out a handy video with the above instructions.

Has this guide proved to be handy for you? Have you had problems in extracting your DMG files? Did you need to watch the video?