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Posted by Andrew Coles,

iOS 7 Gold Master

Finally, iOS 7 is just a short time away from being released to the general massess. But, we, developers and testers, have all been using iOS 7 for months right? It's been a long journey for iOS 7, with bugs and closing apps and we now have one final week of oneupmanship with Grandmaster seed. All the testing and beta version now seems worth it, to barsk in the glory of having the latest iPhone and iPad software, stable, before anyone else.

If you wish to download the iOS Grandmaster you can do this from the iOS developer center (developer account needed). Read our article on how to install iOS 7 to your iPhone or iPad via a Windows PC.

* Important: You'll notice that you need the iTunes 11.1, to create iTunes backups, sync or download music, films via your computer. Currently the latest iTunes version available on the Apple iTunes website is 11.0.5. We suspect this will be updated very soon, if not today. You can of course get iTunes 11.1 beta 2 if using a Mac.

iOS 7 at a Glance in September 10th Keynote

Read Apple's iOS 7 With Completely Redesigned User Interface & Great New Features Available September 18 Press Release.

Let us know what your iOS beta → to Grandmaster → to release journey has been like? What have you developed? What about the iPhone 5S having 64bit technology?